log cabin accommodation


The six log cabins for guests are spread spaciously offering complete privacy in the cedar forest around the central lounge. The cabins are spacious, fitted with a bureau and queen-sized beds or twin beds if you prefer. The textiles for the beds and floor rugs are hand-woven by the locals. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors open to the natural forest. You’re guaranteed hot showers in the beautiful bathrooms.

The accommodation is quite a treat within the ruggedness of the forest. The general area within and around the lodge has been left as wild as possible, to allow guests to immerse within the raw, wild forest. 

Although remote, you have all the creature comforts you would need at the retreat – a hot shower in the en suite bathroom and water jars provided daily. It’s popular as a retreat because it is quiet. The elevation of the lodge and the cold air of the Aberdares combine to have overall temperatures drop to single digits especially early mornings, evenings and at night. Whilst all care has been taken to retain the warmth, we recommend you bring good clothing to be as comfortable as possible.